P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> WG Action Items

P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> WG Action Items

P1394> WG Action Items

From: gleclair@agentz.com
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 21:01:02 EST

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    Hi folks.

    Just wanted to bring you up to date on a few things:

    1. DRAFT
       I've contacted the staff liasion for P1394.3 to circulate a preliminary
       copy of the PPDT draft among internal IEEE manadatory coordination points
       in order that we might receive valuable comments before we forward the
       for ballot.

       I've just completed this and will be following up periodically.

    2. P1394.3 MEETINGS
       The plan is the next meeting for the WG will be the BRC unless other
    issues need to
       be addressed. As we move forward with balloting, the location and date
    will be set.
       My current plans are to hold the BRC in the San Francisco Bay Area. If
    you have any
       concerns or suggestions please advise me by return email.

    3. 1394 PWG MEETINGS
       We currently have a time slot in New York for Monday 5/15.

       We left New Orleans with a list of potential future work as the 1394 PWG.
       listed these items below:

            - Common format
            - Device Profiles
            - Profile for 1284.4
            - Peer to Peer Solutions
            - Device Enumeration Protocol
            - SSDP/UPNP
            - Jet Send

       Has anyone spent time thinking about these?

       There has been some discussion about the WG producing an implementors
       I'm interested in hearing ideas about any other topics or if people have
       ideas related to the items listed above.

       How many members are planning on attending the New York meeting?
       Please forward your agenda topics to the reflector.

       I will be unable to attend the New York meeting. If there is sufficient
       and an agenda I need someone to chair the meeting. Please advise if you
    are capable
       and interested. Otherwise I will request Don to use Monday for other work

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Gregory LeClair

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