P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> SBP-3 Reflector Established

P1394 Mail Archive: P1394> SBP-3 Reflector Established

P1394> SBP-3 Reflector Established

From: Peter Johansson (PJohansson@ACM.org)
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 21:34:11 EST

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    Many thanks to Eric Anderson, who has taken the time to create a reflector
    for SBP-3 discussions!

    The reflector is SBP3@ISG.Apple.com (that is the EMail address to which you
    will post your messages).

    The reflector is open to all participants BUT you must be a subscriber in
    order to post a message.

    To subscribe, send a message to Requests@ISG.Apple.com; the title of the
    message is irrelevant, the body should read "subscribe sbp3". If you don't
    forgot to suppress any automatic signature block automatically appended by
    your mailer, you'll get lots of interesting error messages! Alternatively,
    you may include "quit" as the second line of your message.

    Some guidelines will apply to usage of the reflector:

    1) The reflector is for discussion of SBP-3 and related matters, only.
    Obvious, yes, but expected to be respected;

    2) Technical documents are NOT to be distributed directly on the reflector.
    Some subscribers are on the road a lot and may not wish to receive large
    file attachments. To post a document, obtain a document number from John
    Lohmeyer, Lohmeyer@T10.org, and then send him the PDF file. He'll let you
    know once its been posted to the T10 web site. At this point, announce the
    availability on BOTH the T10 reflector, T10@T10.org, AND the SBP-3
    reflector. Since SBP-3 is a T10 project it is important that certain
    official business, such as the publication of a document, be announced on
    the T10 reflector; and

    3) All meeting announcements are to be made to BOTH the SBP-3 and T10

    For those of you who have missed earlier announcements and are wondering
    just what the heck SBP-3 is, please consult


    Peter Johansson

    Congruent Software, Inc.
    98 Colorado Avenue
    Berkeley, CA 94707

    (510) 527-3926
    (510) 527-3856 FAX


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