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Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Semantic documernts

SM> Semantic documernts

From: Zehler, Peter (
Date: Sat Aug 24 2002 - 21:04:31 EDT

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    Sorry if this as a repeat for you. I apparently was not subscribed to the
    sm mailing list for some unknown reason. Therefore I have missed any

    In preparation for the meeting in Santa Fe a new version of the Semantic
    Model document was posted on the PWG site. The URL is
    ". We will use this document with line numbers as the basis for our
    conversation at the PWG meeting.
    I have updated the XML schema files based on input and the new semantic
    document. There is now a "master list" of all the semantic elements(and
    types) defined by the PWG Semantic model (See i). These semantic elements
    and groups are referenced from the other files. There is a single file that
    defines the grouping of processing attributes into the 4 groups finishing,
    rendering, imposition and job-level (See ii). The document, job and printer
    are described in the remaining files.

    VI. Review Attribute Structure Object Schemas


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