Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Telecon Minutes from 9/19

Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Telecon Minutes from 9/19

SM> Telecon Minutes from 9/19

From: Zehler, Peter (
Date: Tue Sep 24 2002 - 14:57:48 EDT

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    Here are the meeting notes from the 9/19 teleconference. There will not be
    a teleconference on 9/26. The next teleconference will be on 10/3. The
    Semantic Model & schema extensibility will surely be discussed again. I will
    send out the teleconference information on 9/30. Let me know what you would
    like on the agenda.


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    Discussion points:

    1) PWG Semantic Model Issues
       1a) Addition of Document Object attributes: (ISSUES 5 and 7 and general
             Attributes will be added. Semantics of attributes will be
    discussed on the IPP list and described in the Document Object document. We
    will reference that document from the Semantic Model document.
       1b) Addition of JobCopies, JobFinishings and JobFinishingsCol to the Job
    Processing Attributes to separate job vs. document semantic of Copies,
    Finishings and FinishingsCol.
       1c) Resolve collision of MediaSize attribute (PWG vs. UPnP semantics)
    (ISSUE 3)
             Will rename UPnP's MediaSize to MediaSizeName and keep semantic
       1d) Check FSG definition of Page Override
              Semantic currently aligned. Will remove issue and keep
       1e) Is DocumentStateMessage needed (ISSUE6)
      1f) Should globalization be covered in the Semantic Model (ISSUE 9)
          Consensus is yes but level of detail was not agreed upon. I will take
    a stab at some globalization statements.

    2) Element syntax for strings

       The syntax for keyword, user settable strings and automata
    generated/localized strings.
          The keywords (e.g. JobStateReasons, Finishings) will be NMTOKEN.
    (NOTE: Further investigation indicates NMTOKEN and NMTOKENS should be used
    only for attributes. The token type is used for elements) I will
    investigate the appropriate types do discriminate the localized(invariant)
    strings set by users and strings that are set by automata that can be

    3) Mechanism for extending values for PWG keywords (i.e. type 2 and type 3
      Separate mailnote(Keyword Extension Mechanism for schema) will be sent
    out with the detail (further discussion required)
       Four proposals are under consideration 1)appinfo, 2)union, 3)link
    4)Derived Schemas. Current consensus is for solution 3.

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