Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Re: ISSUE 18: Or should the

Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Re: ISSUE 18: Or should the

SM> Re: ISSUE 18: Or should the client be REQUIRED to support some of the Document operations?

From: Hastings, Tom N (
Date: Mon Oct 28 2002 - 11:00:32 EST

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    We agreed not to require the client to support any Document operations,
    because of the various kinds of clients: Job submitting ones, Operator
    clients that control the system, and Monitoring clients that monitor the
    system. Also a Job submitting client might monitor the system using, say,
    the PWG Job Monitoring MIB, instead of the Get-Document-Attributes and
    Get-Documents operations.

    How about a conditional client conformance statement like the following:

    A client MAY support any of the Document object operations defined in
    section 3. However, if the client supports supplying Document Template
    attributes in Document Creation operations, then the client MUST support all
    of the following Document operations: Create-Document, Send-Data,
    Send-Document, Get-Document-Attributes, Get-Documents, and Cancel-Document.



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