Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Updated IPPJDF Mapping V0.9

Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Updated IPPJDF Mapping V0.9

SM> Updated IPPJDF Mapping V0.971 down-loaded

From: Hastings, Tom N (
Date: Mon Dec 09 2002 - 18:03:26 EST

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    I've down-loaded the updated version of the IPPJDF Mapping version 0.971,
    dated 07 Dec 2002.
    (the .zip file contains just the .doc file)

    It has the results of the review on Friday December 6 with the color
    We'll continue the review as agreed on Wednesday, December 11 (7-noon PDT)
    and Thursday December 12 (9-2 PM PDT).
    (I'm not a chair or alternate, so I can't post the meeting announcement, I
    just found out. Stay tuned).

    Here is the change log:
    7.15 Changes to make version 0.97, December 06, 2002:
    The following changes were made as a result of the PWG Semantic Model
    review, December 5, and the CIP4/PODi/FSG review, December 6:
    1. Clarified that we will still review proposed JDF/1.2 extensions for
    Medium priority attributes, so that they can get into JDF/1.2. But we will
    not review proposed JDF extensions for Low and Never Priority attributes,
    since they are not planned to get into JDF/1.2
    2. "adjust-xxx": After a lot of discussion of all of the "adjust-xxx"
    attributes, we separated the simple quick and dirty integer knob attributes
    from a single ICC Abstract Profile for Preference Adjustment attribute.
    3. "adjust-xxx": Changed the Process Resource column to new (N) integer
    (-100:100) attributes: @ColorCorrectionParams/@CyanRed, @MagentaGreen,
    @YellowBlue, @Constrast, @Hue integer(-180:180), @Lightness, @Saturation.
    4. "adjust-xxx": Changed the Product Intent column to (P).
    5. "adjust-xxx": We changed the "adjust-xxx" attributes priorities from
    Medium to High (except for the new "adjust-hue" attribute) and the ICC
    Abstract Profile for Preferential Adjustment remains Medium.
    6. "adjust-xxx": The "adjust-xxx" integer knob attributes can be used in a
    Product Intent context using the Process Resource. So its flagged with the
    (P) indicator.
    7. "anti-aliasing": We removed the EFI Image Quality - Sharpness from the
    PODi column and added it at the end. EFI Sharpness isn't anti-aliasing.
    8. "anti-aliasing": Changed the Product Intent column from Unknown to (P).
    9. "black-overprint": Changed the Product Intent column from (N) to (P).
    10. "black-overprint": Added 'black-overprint-pdl' as a third value for the
    IPP "black-overprint" attribute, which defers to the PDL setting for black
    11. "black-overprint": Clarified that the Process Resource column will not
    provide a mapping for the 'black-overprint-off" value of IPP
    "black-overprint" since it doesn't seem useful to turn off the overprint on
    in the PDL.
    12. "bleed-edge-printing": Renamed this to "edge-to-edge" printing, since
    bleed involves trimming/cutting off some of the bled area, but IPP is
    dealing with printing into the unprintable area. Will propose the same
    change to IPP.
    13. "edge-to-edge-printing": Added this attribute with a JDF Product Intent
    mapping of LayoutIntent/@Margins (N) and a JDF Process Resource mapping of
    DigitalPrintingParams/@Margins (N).
    14. "resample-method": Added this attribute from the PWG Semantic Model
    review of the IPP Color and Imaging attributes. Needs review by the color
    15. "source-{cmy | gray}-{graphics | images | text}" and "source-{cmyk |
    rgb}-{graphics | images | text}": Clarified that these attributes relates to
    the way the data was encoded by the source.
    16. "EFI Image Quality - Sharpness": Added to end of table. Need a
    description of it.
    7.16 Changes to make version 0.971, December 07, 2002:
    1. Changed JDF/1.0 App F to actual JDF/1.0 IDPrinting mapping (not finished
    2. Reformatted values and member attributes into separate rows in the table
    so that alignment across the columns in maintained by MS-WORD. Revision
    marks not used for the IPP values, since they were already in the document.
    Documented the styles used to achieve indenting of member attributes and
    values in the Legend Table.
    3. Copied the agreed extensions in version 0.97 to JDF/1.1 and IPP from
    Table 2 to Table 3 and Table 4, respectively.
    4. Highlighted all of the Unknown entries like this as an indication of
    where more work is needed.
    5. Started to put JDF data types on a separate line inside parens in the
    mapping columns. This reformatting makes it must easier to read.
    6. Reformatted the XPath so that line breaks occur after each element.


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