Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Telecon #4: Today, 12/17 -

Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Telecon #4: Today, 12/17 -

SM> Telecon #4: Today, 12/17 - CIP4/PODi/FSG IPP/JDF Digital Printing Color and Imaging Attributes

From: Hastings, Tom N (
Date: Tue Dec 17 2002 - 06:04:14 EST

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    At the end of the two 5-hour telecons last week of the joint Digital
    Printing and Color Workflow WG meeting, the attendees wanted to get this
    review of the IPPJDF mapping of color and imaging attributes finished this
    week, so we agreed to one more meeting to finish up:

    Tuesday, December 17, 2002 (noon-2 PM PST (3-5 PM EST)

    This message is being forwarded separately to the PODi web board and (which can't take such a long cc list).

    We will continue to have color scientists from EFI (Thor Olson), HP (Mary
    Nielsen), and Xerox (Ann McCarthy) attending. Also these telecons continue
    to be a joint CIP4 Digital Printing WG and Color Workflow WG call as well.

    The details are:
    Tuesday, December 17, 2002
    noon - 2 pm Pacific Standard Time
    1 - 3 pm Mountain Time
    2 - 4 pm Central Time
    3 - 5 pm Eastern Standard Time
    US and International: +1 650-690-9367
    Telnet Number (HP-only): T348-9367
    Meeting ID: 2474
    Meeting Password: 123

    connect to CIP4 Webex server at
    Password colors (if one is needed).


    1. Finish the review of the JDF color and imaging subset for the Digital
    Printing Interoperability Conformance Specification (ICS) by looking at the
    IPP to JDF mapping table:

    See the latest mapping specification have just been posted as:
    f is just the compressed .doc file (187Kb)

    (To see or print just color and imaging turn off hidden text:
    Tools/Options/View/Hidden Text off (and All off).

          a. check the priority
          b. check the mapping to JDF intent and JDF process
          c. check the JDF extensions listed in the table and in JDF/1.1a
             updated for the JDF extensions (highlighted in green):

    2. Any more details with the EFI attributes for which we only have names.

    3. Plan slide presentation to CIP4 Technical Working Group Meeting
          a. Use cases for color workflow
          b. JDF color and imaging extensions

    The details of the semantics of the IPP attributes are contained in the
    updated IPP Color and Imaging spec available at:
    -rev.doc is just the compressed .doc file (238Kb).

    If you have comments on this IPP spec you want to send before or after the
    meeting, lets use the DL.

    Tom Hastings

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