Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Updated IPPJDF mapping tabl

Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Updated IPPJDF mapping tabl

SM> Updated IPPJDF mapping table and edited JDF/1.1 with color extens ions available

From: Hastings, Tom N (
Date: Thu Dec 19 2002 - 06:11:35 EST

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    For today's meeting:

    The updated mapping table, version 0.23, dated 18-December-2002 is available
    00-rev.doc (just the .doc)
    which are the same as:
    p (just the .doc)

    Tables 3 and 4 are much abbreviated list of the JDF/1.1 extensions, sorted
    by JDF resource names.

    I've proposed two IPP attributes to meet two of the EFI names:
    EFI Image Quality - Black Detection is proposed to be IPP attribute:
    black-detection (boolean) [JT, DT, PO]
    EFI Color - Spot Color Matching is proposed to be IPP attribute:
    spot-color-matching (1setOf (name(MAX)))

    We need to review them.

    There are also 72 issues which we need to cover some time.

    I've also down-loaded the latest updated JDF with the color extensions at:

    which is the same as:

    The extensions are highlighted in green and with revision marks. The TOC
    highlights each entry which has some change.

    Here are the details:

    Thursday, December 19, 2002
    9:30 - 10:30 AM Pacific Standard Time
    12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
    US and International: +1 650-690-9367
    Telnet Number (HP-only): T348-9367
    Meeting ID: 2474
    Meeting Password: 123
    We'll also use the HP Webex server too (not the CIP4 webex):
    No password.


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