Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Updated Comparison of JDF F

Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Updated Comparison of JDF F

SM> Updated Comparison of JDF FileSpec and corresponding IPP Document object available

From: Hastings, Tom N (
Date: Mon Mar 24 2003 - 04:07:12 EST

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    The downloaded document starts out with the proposed JDF FileSpec resource
    additions. Then the second half is a side-by-side comparison of the JDF
    FileSpec resource with IPP Document object attributes. I've included the
    changes to the specific IPP "document-format-details" member attributes from
    the Thursday, 20-March-2003 telecon. The document is available at:

    This document contains proposed additions and clarifications to the JDF
    FileSpec resource for JDF/1.2 and the corresponding IPP Document Description
    attribute proposed for the IPP Document object extensions. The reason for
    showing both in the same document is to try to align the semantics where
    possible. Some of us believe that there will be significant interworking
    between JDF and other systems, such as IPP. Having the same values of
    corresponding attributes will make gateways a lot simpler. Note: There is
    no need for the names of the attributes to be the same. The real gain is
    for the values.
    These proposals build on the proposals from Martin Bailey, Bob Taylor, and
    Israel Viente in CIP4 and the proposals from Bob Taylor, Dave Hall, and
    Peter Zehler in the PWG for inclusion in the IPP Document Object, PWG
    Semantic Model and PWG Print Services Interface (PSI) which is a follow on
    to Bluetooth. The most recent version results from a telecon on March 21
    with Craig Benson, Bob Taylor, Steve Hiebert, and Tom Hastings attempting to
    accommodate all of the comments received in email.

    Please send any comments.

    I'm working on the full IPP Document object spec updating the agreements
    reached on Thursday, March 20 telecon and will have it out on Monday, March


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