Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Case sensitivity

Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Case sensitivity

SM> Case sensitivity

From: Zehler, Peter (
Date: Mon Mar 24 2003 - 12:38:51 EST

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    In the Semantic Model what is our position on case sensitivity? The
    Semantic Model and its associated schema use Pascal casing for element names
    to improve readability.

    I assume that
    1) Semantic elements (actions, elements, keywords) must differ in more than
    case. That is, we will not define a mew semantic element such " Jobstate"
    since "JobState" is already defined.

    Do we mandate that how the equality of tokens (i.e. keywords) is handled in
    the Semantic Model document?
    2) I assume keywords are compared without regard to case in the model and
    leave it to the mapping to determine what rules will be applied in that
    particular mapping of the Semantic Model.
            2a) Implementations are simplified in low end mappings and in XML if
    case sensitive mapping is mandated.
            2b) Server implementations would be more forgiving if they did case
    insensitive compares.

    Any objections to including the 2 statements above in the next SM release?

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