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Semantic Model Mail Archive: RE: SM> document-id-uri semanti

RE: SM> document-id-uri semantics

From: Hastings, Tom N (
Date: Tue Mar 25 2003 - 16:48:30 EST

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    Is there any experimental scheme that we could use, so we don't have to muck
    with the "ipp:" scheme?

    If there is, we could just mention what that scheme is in the spec.

    Or since this is a URI data type, is there some URN form that we could use
    to give each document a unique identifiers? All we want is a unique
    identifier across that one Printer. Its doesn't have to be unique across
    all Printers, right?

    We also need to agree as to over what time period the ID has to be unique?
    If the Printer is powered off and comes back again, does it have to continue
    to generate unique URIs that it never generated before? Or don't we have to
    be that strict.


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    The current "document-id-uri" in the IPP Document Object spec
    clearly that states that it is an opaque identifier, and cannot
    be used as the target of an operation (unlike the "job-uri" in
    RFC 2911). And it gives an example of an 'ipp:' schemed URI.

    I think I should write an Appendix to the Document Object that:

    (1) extends the IPP URL Scheme (adopted last month by the IETF
        for RFC publication as an IETF Proposed Standard) to apply
        to Document objects as well,
    (2) specifies the opaque identifier limitation,
    (3) is normatively referenced by the "document-id-uri" attribute
        definition in the main spec.

    As we discussed on the PSI telecon this morning, PSI doesn't
    care what the URL scheme is in the DocumentURI, just that it
    be unique within a print server.


    - Ira McDonald, co-editor of IPP URL Scheme
      High North Inc

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