Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> RE: IPP> 4 significant p

Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> RE: IPP> 4 significant p

SM> RE: IPP> 4 significant proposed increases in conformance requirem ents for the IPP Document object spec

From: Hastings, Tom N (
Date: Fri Apr 18 2003 - 22:10:36 EDT

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    Thanks for your comments. See my replies bracketed by <TH> ... </TH>

    Michael wrote:


    > 2. Change the Set-Document-Attributes operation from OPTIIOAL to
    > REQUIRED for a Printer to support.

    OK, however I think the state <-> status table (table 5) isn't
    right - what if you want to restart a job but print only 1
    copy of the first document?

    (It's Table 6 in the April 7 spec, which regrettably was not announced on
    the IPP DL, only on the SM and PS DLs. Peter and I will make sure to
    announce IPP specs and telecons on the IPP DL too. The April 7 spec is at:

    Yes, the transition table doesn't allow the client to modify a document with
    Set-Document-Attributes after the Document has 'completed', 'aborted', or
    'canceled'. This same transition table is in the published RFC 3380 for the
    Set-Job-Attributes operation as well.

    The reason is that a completed, canceled, or aborted job/document should
    have the record of what was requested, for accounting and/or the help desk
    trying to figure out what went wrong.

    If you want to modify a job and resubmit it as in your example to change the
    number of copies and reprint: the idea is that the client does a Restart-Job
    (or Reprocess-Job) with the "job-hold-until" operation attribute supplied
    (see [RFC 2911] section 3.3.7, Restart-Job(. Then the client can modify it
    with Set-Document-Attributes while the job is in the 'pending-held' state.
    Then the client can release the modified job for printing with Release-Job
    (section 3.3.6).

    > 3. Change the Set-Job-Attributes operation from OPTIONAL to
    > RECOMMENDED for a Printer to support.
    > Reason: To go along with the change in the conformance requirements
    > for the Set-Document-Attributes operation. However, don't REQUIRE
    > Set-Job-Attributes, since most of the interesting attributes are
    > document attributes, not job attributes.

    Hmm, I'll have to review the current spec some more, but I don't
    remember a section on Set-Job-Attributes in the March 24th draft.

    Set-Job-Attributes wasn't in the March 24th draft or the April 7 th draft.
    However, in proposing to REQUIRE the Set-Document-Attributes operation it
    seemed reasonsable to increase the requirements for the Set-Job-Attributes
    operation to at lease RECOMMENDED. But that is what we are asking for feed
    back on. So in order to conform to the IPP Document object spec, it is
    RECOMMENDED that the Printer also support Set-Job-Attributes.

    Any chance you can post a message to the *IPP* list whenever you
    put a new draft up please? Also, it might be helpful to know when
    you plan on doing telecons - it can be difficult to schedule the
    time, but I *do* attend them occasionally...

    Peter and I will make sure to announce IPP specs and telecons on the IPP DL
    too. The April 7 spec is at:

    There wont' be a new spec either. We're continuing the page by page.
    Please send any othre comments and/or join the next telecon, Thursday, April
    24, 1-3 PM EDT:

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