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Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> FW: WBMM> XML Schema of

SM> FW: WBMM> XML Schema of RFC 1759 - valid in XMLSPY

From: McDonald, Ira (
Date: Mon May 12 2003 - 20:19:41 EDT

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    - Ira McDonald

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    From: McDonald, Ira []
    Sent: Monday, May 12, 2003 8:12 PM
    Subject: WBMM> XML Schema of RFC 1759 - valid in XMLSPY

    Hi folks,

    I've just opened this machine translation of RFC 1759 (Printer MIB v1)
    with XML SPY and it validated without warnings as a free-standing schema
    (no imports required).

    The whole original RFC 1759 text (i.e., all the documentation, Cathy M)
    is captured in XML comments in this XML schema translation.

    The XML Schema (.xsd) is 157KB. The ZIP file is 23KB at:

    Now anyone can define some new grouping or subset grouping of elements
    from the Printer MIB by simply defining a second XML schema that
    imports the elements and type definitions from this base schema.

    I'm still working on the translation tool:

    1) I want to add a final object 'Printer-MIB' that is a sequence
        of: a) all table elements; and b) all scalar elements (not
        columns in some table definition), which can be keyed by a
        local key that holds that _value_ of 'hrDeviceIndex' (but
        _not_ actually import 'hrDeviceIndex' from RFC 2790).
        Presently the highest containment is at the table level.

    2) I want to enhance my translator to accept old-style SMIv1
        MIBs as _input_ and translate them also to XML schema (most
        vendor private MIBs are still written in SMIv1 - some vendors
        have migrated to SMIv2). This may take some while (SMIv1
        is both simpler and _different_ from SMIv2 - less information
        is available for machine translation).

    3) I want to add a verbose symbol map feature to my translator.
        (The current verbose log covers only errors).

    4) I need to test translate a number of other IETF standards
        track MIBs to catch corner cases in my translator.

    Comments are welcome.

    - Ira McDonald
      High North Inc

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