Semantic Model Mail Archive: Re: SM> Remaining issue in Docu

Semantic Model Mail Archive: Re: SM> Remaining issue in Docu

Re: SM> Remaining issue in Document object spec

From: Dennis Carney (
Date: Tue Jul 01 2003 - 17:35:19 EDT

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    It is easy for me to say :-), but I believe that we *did* resolve this
    issue, in favor of my proposal.

    The following appeared on the IPP mailing list:

       Maybe I'm not understanding. Can't you specify the "copies" attribute at

       the Document level? Therefore, you could have a Job that was made up of
       copy of Document 1, 3 copies of Document 2, and 1 copy of Document 3,
       couldn't you? If you did, you might want to know if the 3 copies of Doc2

       were collated or uncollated. I must be missing something--is there a
       section that would straighten me out?
       Now I see what you are suggesting. I suppose for consistency we could
       a "collation-type" as a Document Template attribute. As long as it is
       that an implementation can implement the "job-collation-type" Job
       attribute without having to do the "collation-type" Document Template
       attribute (and vice versa).

    And I *thought* I remembered being on a call where Tom and Ira agreed with
    the concept.

    Anybody remember anything different?


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    I did not capture the resolution (if any) on the following issue from
    Dennis Carney.


    I definitely believe that we need a "Document-equivalent" of
    job-collation-type. It would have different semantics, since the Job level
    semantics include the concept of documents, but I believe that since it is
    useful to know whether a Job is doing collated or uncollated copies, it
    would also be useful to know the same for Documents.

    Proposed resolutions:

    <TH>I disagree. If we did add a Document attribute, it would need to have
    the same value as at the Job Level, since you can't collate some documents
    and not collate other documents in the same job. We don't duplicate on the
    Document object other Job level attributes that apply to the job as a
    whole, such as "job-name", "job-hold", "job-priority",

    Before I put the updated document I would like to get consensus. Please
    respond on the IPP list.



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