Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Next PWG Semantic Model Mee

Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Next PWG Semantic Model Mee

SM> Next PWG Semantic Model Meeting Will Be July 31

From: Zehler, Peter (
Date: Wed Jul 23 2003 - 09:46:56 EDT

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    Given vacation and subsequent work load I will be unable to get the JobX
    updates sent out prior to this Thursday. I will get it out ASAP and be
    ready for a review next Thursday. The objective is to get to a stable
    version. Soon after that the PWG Semantic Model document will be brought up
    to date and sent out for a final review. Minor updates will also be made to
    the schema. The proposed agenda for the 31st will be as follows.

    1) Quick Status
    2) JobX Review
    a. Section by section with focus on recently changed text
    b. Any issues raised by the group
    3) Schema changes and update plans
    4) Schedule for Semantic Model stable document

    I will get the JobX document, updated agenda (given any suggestions from the
    group), and the details for the teleconference out later this week. Any
    issues should be sent to the SM mail list.


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