Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Status of JobX, Overrides a

Semantic Model Mail Archive: SM> Status of JobX, Overrides a

SM> Status of JobX, Overrides and Document Object specifications

From: Zehler, Peter (
Date: Fri Aug 29 2003 - 12:51:28 EDT

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    In the Semantic Model teleconference we discussed the status of the JobX,
    Overrides and Document Object specifications. They have been stable for
    quite some time. The requirements for entering into last call are that the
    specifications must be prototyped first. It was agreed that PSI satisfied
    this requirement for the Document Object and JobX. Overrides have been
    prototyped by Xerox on their DocuSP platform. This prototype was done
    independently of the Overrides specification and based on PWG 5100.4.
    However the implementation was greatly simplified and aligns with the
    Overrides specification.

    I will be generating clean versions of these three specifications. The only
    comments received so far are editorial in nature. I will post them on the
    PWG and formally announce the start of Last Call on the specifications. The
    Last Call will end on the Thursday (10/9/03) of our next PWG meeting. Once
    these documents have completed Last Call we will proceed with Last Call on
    the Semantic Model and Schema.


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