Semantic Model Mail Archive: RE: SM> JobStateReasons issue

Semantic Model Mail Archive: RE: SM> JobStateReasons issue

RE: SM> JobStateReasons issue

From: Zehler, Peter (
Date: Wed Nov 12 2003 - 13:27:03 EST

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    The change was not intentional. It was a cut and paste error in the mail
    note. The actual values are derived directly from the IPP specs.

    The correct values are

    CanceledByUser -> JobCanceledByUser

    CompletedWithWarnings -> JobCompletedWithWarnings


    I cut and pasted the full contents of JobStateReason's "Description
    (values)" entry below.


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    Provides additional information about this Job's current state. (Keywords:
    AbortedBySystem, CompressionError, DigitalSignatureDidNotVerify,
    DigitalSignatureTypeNotSupported, DocumentAccessError, DocumentFormatError,
    ErrorsDetected, JobCanceledAtDevice, JobCanceledByOperator,
    JobCanceledByUser, JobCompletedSuccessfully, JobCompletedWithErrors,
    JobCompletedWithWarnings, JobDataInsufficient, JobDigitalSignatureWait,
    JobHoldUntilSpecified, JobIncoming, JobInterpreting, JobOutgoing,
    JobPasswordWait, JobPrinting, JobQueued, JobQueuedForMarker, JobRestartable,
    JobResuming, JobSavedSuccessfully, JobSaveError, JobSaving, JobScheduling,
    JobSpooling, JobStreaming, JobSuspended, JobSuspendedByOperator,
    JobSuspendedBySystem, JobSuspendedByUser, JobSuspending, JobTransforming,
    None, PrinterStopped, PrinterStoppedPartly, ProcessingToStopPoint,
    ProofPrintWait, QueuedInDevice, ResourcesAreNotReady,
    ResourcesAreNotSupported, ServiceOffLine, SubmissionInterrupted,
    UnsupportedCompression, UnsupportedDocumentFormat, WarningsDetected)


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    Hi Pete,


    While most of these just pre-pend "Job" on value, a few change the value
    (CanceledByUser -> JobCanceledAtUser, CompletedWithWarnings ->
    JobCompletedWarnings, etc.). Were these intentional?



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    Subject: SM> JobStateReasons issue


    The values in the Semantic Model document do not line up with those in the
    Schema or in the referenced specifications. In order to keep the mapping
    clean and to maintain alignment with JDF I propose the following changes in
    the JobStateReasons keywords entry on page 44 of the Semantic Model spec
    (JobStateReasons entry in Job Element Table). Below are the corrected
    values. I also need to update the reference column to include JobX and

    Current SM value -> Corrected SM Value


    CanceledAtDevice -> JobCanceledAtDevice

    CanceledByOperator -> JobCanceledByOperator

    CanceledByUser -> JobCanceledAtUser

    CompletedSuccessfully -> JobCompletedSuccessfully

    CompletedWithErrors -> JobCompletedWithErrors

    CompletedWithWarnings -> JobCompletedWarnings

    Incoming -> JobIncoming

    Interpreting -> JobInterpreting

    Outgoing -> JobOutgoing

    Printing -> JobPrinting

    Queued -> JobQueued

    QueuedForMarker -> JobQueuedForMarker

    Transforming -> JobTransforming





    Peter Zehler


    Xerox Innovation Group


    Voice: (585) 265-8755

    FAX: (585) 422-7961

    US Mail: Peter Zehler

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