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SM> PWG Semantic Model Schema v2 - 101506 version for upcoming face to face

From: Zehler, Peter (
Date: Mon Oct 16 2006 - 08:55:41 EDT

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    The PWG Semantic Model Schema that will be used for the Face to Face
    meeting at Lexmark is now available. It is valid under XMLSpy ver 2006
    rel 3 sp2 and XSV v2.10-1. There are currently a lot of warnings all of
    which have to do with issues relating to includes and imports across the
    entire schema. There are "differences in opinion" with the tools on
    when included/imported elements and types are valid. For now I
    published the version valid under XSV. I will continue to use the
    simplified version allowed by XML SPY and prefer to work with each
    schema being valid on its own as well as when part of the PWG Semantic
    Model. The only difference between the XSV valid and the XML SPY valid
    versions are some extra imports in some of the upper (i.e. closer to the
    schema root) schema files.

    The schema is available at:

    For those of you without tools to graphically navigate the schema I put
    an HTML document generated by XML SPY up on the FTP site. This document
    limits the children of Server to Services, Subunits and System since
    this is where the focus of the discussions will be.
    Warning: This document is just over 5M.
    Note: Start browsing the schema by opening the PwgSm_2_0.html file and
    following the Server link under the Elements section of the
    PwgSemanticModel.xsd schema.
    The document is available at:


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