Semantic Model Mail Archive: Re: SM> Do we need to meet at a new time?

Re: SM> Do we need to meet at a new time?

From: Harry Lewis (
Date: Fri Nov 10 2006 - 23:01:03 EST

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    While not always successful, on my calendar, I try to reserve the
    following for PWG.

    Wednesday - 1-2pm Eastern
    Thursday - 11-Noon Eastern
                     2-3pm Eastern
                     3:10 - 4pm Eastern (every other week SC).

    I would prefer if SM were to meet in one of those predetermined time
    slots. I am open to discussing a totally new time slot in place of one of
    these if someone has a proposal.
    Harry Lewis
    Chairman - IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group
    IBM Printing Systems

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    SM> Do we need to meet at a new time?

    It is my understanding that our usual time slot(1:00-2:00 pm EDT) is
    difficult for some members. If anyone would like to change the time, I am
    open for counter proposals.
    Peter Zehler
    Xerox Innovation Group
    Voice: (585) 265-8755
    FAX: (585) 265-7441
    US Mail: Peter Zehler
    Xerox Corp.
    800 Phillips Rd.
    M/S 128-25E
    Webster NY, 14580-9701

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