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SM> Original SM WG Charter

From: McDonald, Ira (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2007 - 16:28:49 EDT

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    For review at the SM telecon this Thursday, the original charter
    of the Semantic Model WG (September 2002) is at:
    - MS Word source
    - Adobe PDF version

    The current plan is for the SM WG to define new Abstract Model
    specs for non-Print services and Protocol Bindings which would
    require a considerable broadening of the scope of the SM WG from
    this original charter - which specifically prohibits defining new
    models, objects, or semantics.

    An alternative approach might be to proceed with the modelling
    and transport bindings as a project of the WIMS WG or a new MFP
    WG - extending the management-centric WIMS/1.0 Abstract Model and
    XML schema files to include job submission and job management and service-specific capabilities and defaults.

    The PWG Steering Committee should probably consider this scope of
    SM WG versus WIMS WG versus hypothetical new MFP WG issue at their
    PWG SC meeting this Thursday 19 April.


    - Ira

    Ira McDonald (Musician / Software Architect)
    Chair - Linux Foundation Open Printing WG
    Blue Roof Music / High North Inc
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    phone: +1-906-494-2434

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