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1394 Printer Working Group
Revised Draft Charter - February 26, 1997

Current status: Revised charter for 1394 Printer Working Group
Mailing lists:
Web Page: http://www.pwg.org/p1394
General Discussion: p1394@pwg.org
To Subscribe: majordomo@pwg.org
Archive: ftp://ftp.pwg.org/pub/p1394

Chair: Greg LeClair
Secretary: Larry Stein
Editor: Brian Batchelder

Description of Working Group and Goals

IEEE-1394 High Speed Serial Bus enables new and enhanced printing applications. Standardization of the 1394 printing model(s) grows and extends the printing market and accelerates the adoption of the IEEE-1394 standard interface.
1394 printing applications want to take advantage of the new capabilities of 1394, including:

Standards for use of these capabilities need to be developed and endorsed for use by 1394 printing devices and other 1394 devices that wish to communicate with them. These standards will enable interoperability between 1394 devices.

The 1394 Printer Working Group will be the focal point for the development and coordination of a comprehensive printing solution for the 1394 I/F.

This project will produce a specification to define a mechanism for printing on IEEE Std. 1394-1995 compliant links. This specification will include existing standards or specifications and any new specifications as necessary.

Areas of review will include:

The 1394 Printer Working Group is chartered by the PWG and coordinates with the 1394 TA and is open to anyone interested in contributing to the project. The 1394 PWG will seek the participation of other industry groups and key representatives of the computer and consumer electronics industry.

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