[PWG-Announce] PWG Formal Vote of Semantic Model Charter (EndsOctober 16, 2015)

[PWG-Announce] PWG Formal Vote of Semantic Model Charter (EndsOctober 16, 2015)

[PWG-Announce] PWG Formal Vote of Semantic Model Charter (EndsOctober 16, 2015)

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Wed Oct 7 16:37:53 UTC 2015

This is a reminder to vote on the revised charter of the PWG Semantic Model Workgroup.  Participation in this workgroup has been declining to the point that little had been accomplished on most of the previously identified projects. This effort to re-charter the workgroup is intended to clearly define the mission of the workgroup, and to provide a firm basis on which to consider further projects.  We encourage all voting PWG members to either confirm or object to the proposed charter by voting as instructed below. Insufficient votes would  suggest that there is insufficient interest in the Semantic Model to justify maintaining an active workgroup, in which case it appears that IPP would be the only remaining active PWG workgroup.

Thank you.
Bill Wagner, Proposed Secretary, Semantic Model Workgroup

From: Michael Sweet
Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2015 4:33 PM
To: PWG Announcements
Subject: [PWG-Announce] PWG Formal Vote of Semantic Model Charter (EndsOctober 16, 2015)


VOTES ARE CONFIDENTIAL!  See voting instructions below.

This email initiates the Formal Approval vote by the PWG membership on the Semantic Model Workgroup Charter, which is located at:



This Formal Vote will start Today, September 17, 2015 and will end at 10pm (US Pacific Time) on Friday, October 16, 2015.  Valid votes are: Yes, No, No (with Strong Objection), Abstain.

Representatives from PWG member companies are strongly encouraged to exercise their right to vote.

PWG Privacy Policy:  Your vote is confidential and will not be disclosed by PWG officers or document editors.


Send an email with *exactly* the following subject line format:

	SM Charter Formal Vote-<company name>-<voter's last name>-<Yes/No/Abstain>

For example:

	SM Charter Formal Vote-Acme-McGee-Yes


1. Any "No" vote MUST state the reason for the "No" vote and MUST contain a description of the *technical* changes required to turn the "No" vote into a "Yes" vote - otherwise the "No" vote will NOT be counted, per PWG Process/3.0.

2. Any "No" vote MUST NOT contain *editorial* comments, per PWG Process/3.0.

3. Any "Yes" vote MAY contain *editorial* comments, per PWG Process/3.0.

4. Any "Yes" vote MUST NOT contain any *technical* comments, per PWG Process/3.0.

5. Any "Abstain" vote counts toward quorum, but not approval.


Please send your vote to *all* of the following email addresses:

	daniel.manchala at xerox.com (Daniel Manchala, SM WG Chair)

	ptykodi at tykodi.com (Paul Tykodi, SM WG Vice Chair)

	msweet at apple.com (Michael Sweet, PWG Chair)

	blueroofmusic at gmail.com (Ira McDonald, PWG Secretary)

Please do NOT simply reply to this note on PWG-Announce (to preserve the confidentiality of your vote).


1. This Formal Vote is being conducted under the rules of the PWG Process/3.0 and the current PWG Policy on Intellectual Property and Confidentiality agreement. The 2015 PWG Membership Agreement calls out both of these documents and the links are provided below.

2. To be eligible to vote the member MUST have submitted a signed copy of the 2015 PWG Membership Agreement and paid their dues.

3. The PWG Definition of the Standards Development Process Version 3.0 is located at:


4. The PWG Policy on Intellectual Property and Confidentiality is located at:


Michael Sweet, Senior Printing System Engineer, PWG Chair

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