IPP> OPS - Get rid of Pause-Current-Job, Space-Current-Job, and Cancel -Current-Job?

IPP> OPS - Get rid of Pause-Current-Job, Space-Current-Job, and Cancel -Current-Job?

IPP> OPS - Get rid of Pause-Current-Job, Space-Current-Job, and Cancel -Current-Job?

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Wed Jul 14 12:35:48 EDT 1999

Note number 19 questioned whether we really needed Pause-Current-Job.  
The advantage of Pause-Current-Job was that the client didn't have to supply
the job-id (but could as a check against the race).  On the other hand, the
Pause-Printer doesn't need a job-id.  And then the operator could check to
see what was the current job and the use Pause-Job where he MUST supply the
job-id.  So I agree that we really don't need Pause-Current-Job.

Note 21-24 dealt with the other Xxxx-Current-Job operations:

In fact, following the same line of reasoning and pruning out operations, do
we really need the other two Xxxx-Current-Job operations: Space-Current-Job
and Cancel-Current-Job?  Perhaps the Xxxx-Current-Job operations were more
needed for command line interfaces than for more recent GUI interfaces which
would likely be displaying the job queue with job-ids for all jobs or at
least the current job id.

1. Space-Current-Job when we have Space-Printer which works when there is
and isn't a current job.  

We could add an OPTIONAL "job-id" to Space-Printer which would reject the
request if the current job didn't match.  This would help the race condition
that the current job might just finish or a new job start just as the
Space-Printer operation was issued.

2. Cancel-Current-Job when we have Cancel-Job as a REQUIRED operation.



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19.  Do we really need Pause-Current-Job. Most people felt that Pause-
  Job was sufficient.


21.  ISSUE:  Does we really need a Space-Current-Job. This seems very
  specific to roll-fed printers.

22.  ISSUE:  Is Space-Current-Job reasonable to do in the 'processing'
  state when paper is still moving?

23.  ISSUE:  In the 'processing-stopped' state, is there a "current"

24.  Should be Space-Job with job-id if in spec at all.


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