IPP> ADM - Short Notes from the IETF 45 IPP WG Meeting

IPP> ADM - Short Notes from the IETF 45 IPP WG Meeting

IPP> ADM - Short Notes from the IETF 45 IPP WG Meeting

Manros, Carl-Uno B cmanros at cp10.es.xerox.com
Thu Jul 15 10:13:13 EDT 1999

Keith and Patrik,

Here a short report from the IPP WG Meting in Oslo:


A little over 20 people participated, apart from IPP WG members, mainly from
the IFAX and HTTP groups.

A short update was given about which IPP/1.1 documents that have been sent
to the IESG, and which are still under development in the WG.

The main agenda point was to present and discuss the requirements and
potential solutions for IPP Notifications.
Comment on the requirements was the advice to stay away from also trying to
solve accounting problems, and limit the scope to notification requirements.
A discussion was also held on the pros and cons of using TCP/IP or UDP as
transfer protocol for IPP Notifications. A recommendation was to first use
TCP/IP, as UDP would require extra features to handle congestion control if
considered for a notification protocol, and don't consider UDP unless real
problems showed up with using TCP/IP.

Towards the end of the meeting, an update of the current IPP Charter, which
is vastly out-of-date, was presented and discussed. A proposal will be
prepared for the ADs, for consideration whether to extend the current
charter for additional work, such as the recently proposed admin operations,
or to create a new charter for such future work.

The WG chair reported that he is learning about additional organizations
that have started work on IPP implementations most every week.


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