IPP> NOT - Updated Notification delivery method and protocol: 'ipp-no tify-send'

IPP> NOT - Updated Notification delivery method and protocol: 'ipp-no tify-send'

IPP> NOT - Updated Notification delivery method and protocol: 'ipp-no tify-send'

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Fri Feb 4 03:23:39 EST 2000

I've updated Hugo Parra's delivery method and protocol specification.

I changed the scheme name to follow the pattern that we discussed on the
telecon that the IETF likes to avoid abbreviations:


For this delivery method, I've used the working name 'send', since it uses
the Send-Notifications operation.  So the scheme name is 'ipp-notify-send'

We'd like to discuss this method at next week's meeting when we discuss our
various delivery methods.  I've posted the files at:


Here is the Abstract:

The IPP event notification specification [ipp-ntfy] is an OPTIONAL extension
to IPP/1.0 and IPP/1.1.  [ipp-ntfy] requires the definition of one or more
delivery methods for dispatching event notification reports to Notification
Recipients. This document describes the semantics and syntax of  the
'ipp-notify-send' event notification delivery method that is itself a
request/response protocol.  For this delivery method, an IPP Printer sends
(pushes) IPP event Notifications to the Notification Recipients using the
protocol defined herein which includes HTTP as a transport.

There are 5 issues remaining:

ISSUE 01 - What should the name of this delivery method and protocol be that
we use in the title of this document?  

ISSUE 02 - What should the scheme name be?  Consider 'ipp-notify-send' a
working title, until we see several schemes.  The 'ipp-notify-poll' delivery
method is another example.  The IETF likes words or well-recognized
acronyms, not abbreviations in scheme names, so lets include "notify"?  

ISSUE 03 - Should the scheme name be used in the title?

ISSUE 04 - "human-readable-report" has been added to the [ipp-ntfy]
Notification Model document, so ok to change this description to be a
reference to "human-readable-report" in [ipp-ntfy]?

ISSUE 05 - Should we move the status codes into the Notification Model
document in order to have the same status codes for any other delivery
method that might be defined?

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