IPP> NOT - Updated Job Progress Attributes spec

IPP> NOT - Updated Job Progress Attributes spec

IPP> NOT - Updated Job Progress Attributes spec

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Fri Feb 4 03:35:47 EST 2000

I've updated the Job Progress Attributes spec that goes with Notification
following the agreements on the issue resolutions from the last meetings and
telecons.  We like to cover them as part of the Notification review at the
upcoming IPP WG meeting.  The files are available:


The Abstract is:

This document defines four new Job Description attributes for monitoring job
progress to be registered as extensions to IPP/1.0 [RFC2566] and IPP/1.1
[ipp-mod].  These attributes are drawn from the PWG Job Monitoring MIB
[[rfc2707]].  This document also defines a new "sheet-collate" Job Template
attribute to control sheet collation and to help with the interpretation of
the job progress attributes.  These new attributes may also be used by
themselves as useful job progress monitoring attributes and/or may be passed
in an IPP Notification (see [ipp-not]).  The new Job Description attributes
	"job-collation-type" (type2 enum)
	"sheet-completed-copy-number" (integer(0:MAX))
	"sheet-completed-document-number" (integer(0:MAX))
	"impressions-completed-current-copy" (integer(0:MAX))
which in combination with the IPP/1.1 "job-impressions-completed" attribute
in combination with the new Job Template attribute: :
	"sheet-collate" (boolean)
are used for job progress monitoring

The Change History is:

The following changes were made to the September 13, 1999 version to make
the February 2, 2000 version:
1.	Deleted the "impressions-interpreted" (integer(-2:MAX)) in favor of
using the IPP "job-impressions-completed" attribute that is already defined
in IPP/1.1.
2.	Changed the lower bound for the "sheet-completed-copy-number"
(integer(0:MAX)), "sheet-completed-document-number" (integer(0:MAX)), and
"impressions-completed-current-copy" (integer(0:MAX)) from -2 to 0, and use
the 'unknown' out-of-band value to indicate unknown.
3.	Added the explicit interactions of "sheet-collate" with
4.	Added Conformance, IANA Considerations, Internationalization
Considerations, and Security Considerations sections

There are 5 issues:

ISSUE 01 - Should we change the name from "sheet-collate" to
"sheet-uncollate", since the absence of the attribute (and non-support of
this attribute) is more likely to indicate collated sheets and so should be
the 'false' value of the attribute, rather than the 'true' value?

ISSUE 02 - Should we change the "sheet-collate" data type from 'boolean' to
'type2 keyword' so that it could take on more values?  This would also help
with the name, say, "sheet-collation (type2 keyword) with values:
'uncollated' and 'collated'.  The "sheet-collation-supported" (1setOf type2
keyword) would be more usual, than the unusual '1setOf boolean' also.  In
the future, we could define two collated values:  'multi-pass-collation' and
'output-bin-collation' to indicate which form is requested and/or supported,
since some Printers MAY want to support both.

ISSUE 03 - If we change the attribute syntax to 'type2 keyword' should we
have several values for the collated case now, i.e., define:
'multi-pass-collation' and 'output-bin-collation', instead of just

ISSUE 04 - Or should the attribute syntax by 'type2 keyword' to go with
"multiple-document-handling(type2 keyword)", instead of the Job MIB enum

ISSUE 05 - Or should we use the IPP out-of-band 'unknown' value (see
[ipp-mod] section 4.1) instead of this unknown(2) enum Job Monitoring MIB
value, i.e., "job-collation-type" (type2 keyword) instead of
"job-collation-type" (type2 enum)?

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