IPP> Informational RFC to be: draft-sun-ldap-print-schema-00. txt

IPP> Informational RFC to be: draft-sun-ldap-print-schema-00. txt

IPP> Informational RFC to be: draft-sun-ldap-print-schema-00. txt

McDonald, Ira imcdonald at sharplabs.com
Thu Feb 24 18:01:59 EST 2000

Hi folks,                     Thursday (24 February 2000)

I spoke with Ken Jones (see below) at length on the phone
this afternoon about this LDAP Schema named 'ippPrinter'.
Ken followed the IPP/1.1 Generic Directory Schema exactly,
except that all IPP Recommended (SLP Required) attributes
were reduced to LDAP May (optional) - except 'printer-name'
which is LDAP Must (required) - see page 3, section 2.1
of Ken's I-D for the rationale.

Also, the IPP attribute names have NOT been prefixed
with 'printer-' for safety in the flat LDAP namespace -
recommended in 'Conversion of LDAP Schemas to/from SLP
Templates', <draft-ietf-svrloc-template-conversion-05.txt>.

Also, the Printer MIB derived attributes in the SLP template
have not been included (because Ken wrote straight from the
IPP/1.1 Model and not by translation from the SLP template).
Ken did adopt the use of '>' for ordered lists from the SLP
template.  So our representations are very close.

Please copy Ken Jones (see headers on this note) on any

PLEASE make comments while you can, folks.

- Ira McDonald (consulting architect at Sharp Labs America)
  High North Inc

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Ira McDonald asked that I forward this internet draft
to ipp for review.

	Ken Jones
	Sun Microsystems
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Informational: draft-sun-ldap-print-schema-00.txt

Four week timeout is initiated (21 March 2000).

An LDAP Directory Schema Solution For Printers

This document describes an LDAP directory schema for print services.
The intention is to build upon the work done by the Internet Printing
Protocol (IPP) group and illustrate how to extend that solution with an
additional class to support existing Sun Microsystems printing


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