IPP> IPP over other transports

IPP> IPP over other transports

IPP> IPP over other transports

henrik.holst at i-data.com henrik.holst at i-data.com
Tue Apr 25 03:46:45 EDT 2000

It's right you could run IP over Bluetooth. Today there is only one profile
describing how
to implement a LAN access point, not a really LAN on Bluetooth, but is just a
matter of time
before this profile will be finished. But I am not sure the mobil phones and the
PDA's will
implement a whole TCP/IP stack just for printing. They have a WAP stack, so I
think they
would preferred to reuse the stack for printing to.


"Paul Moore" <pmoore at peerless.com> on 19-04-2000 18:09:17

To:   Henrik Holst/INT at i-data
cc:   ipp at pwg.org

Subject:  Re: IPP> IPP over other transports

Regarding bluetooth - my assumption was that there would be IP over BT. Then we
can do plain old IPP rather than inventing something new - or am I missing
something here.

Regarding IR - the good thing about it is that ~100% of laptops and many PDAs
have it today - and yet it is poorly exploited anywhere. Secondly it is an
inherently point and shoot interface which make it ideal for things like
printing where you are communicating with a specific piece of hardware as
opposed to a virtualized service. I know there is IP over IR but that does not
seem to be widely used.

Carl-uno I think that we should put 'exotic transports' on the agenda of an IPP
meeting soon becuase there is obviuosly interest and it is not in anybody's
interest to have this fragment into lots separate efforts.

henrik.holst at i-data.com on 04/19/2000 01:42:25 AM

To:   ipp at pwg.org
cc:    (bcc: Paul Moore/AUCO/US)

Subject:  IPP> IPP over other transports

A last IPP meeting, I can see you discussed the topic 'IPP over other
and that Paul Moore metioned the infrared transport. In i-data we are working on
the new wireless technoligy BlueTooth. I think in a few years you will not
see the use of infrared soulutions anymore, but it will be BlueTooth. Ericsson,
and the PDU's are going to implement BlueTooth in their products. In i-data we
are working on a LAN profile to Bluetooth as well as on a Printing Profile. Our
solution for printing over Bluetooth will be to use IPP over WAP. WAP is
in some mobil phones today, and will be widely spread by the years. WAP looks
a lot like HTTP. So I think it would be interesting to run IPP on the top of
WAP. You
would then be able to print from your PDA or mobil phone.


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