IPP> DRV - Updated proposal

IPP> DRV - Updated proposal

IPP> DRV - Updated proposal

Hugo Parra HPARRA at novell.com
Thu Jun 1 13:41:05 EDT 2000

A few days ago I asked a few of you to review the update to the Printer Installation Extension proposal.  I received good feedback from Ira M. and Michael S.  I'm sending Michael's comments to the DL along with the updated document.  Ira agreed to post his feedback himself.


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Hugo Parra wrote:
> I've incorporated a number of your suggestion into this proposal.
> A number of you wanted to review it before I send it out to the IPP
> reflector.  So I'm attaching Word and PDF versions of the latest
> version for you to have a look.  I welcome your feedback.


    1. The "compression" field should also support a value of "none"
       since most PPD files are small enough not to need
       compression.  Also, having a compression field doesn't
       lend itself to compressed archive formats like CAB, ZIP, etc.

    2. The "install-file-type" field should be a MIME type.

    3. "install-file-type" and "install-file-name" names could be
       shortened to "file-type" and "file-name".

    4. Requiring TLS limits the number of IPP devices that will
       be able to support this extension.  I recommend adding
       Digest authentication as the REQUIRED authentication, with
       TLS as an option.  (HTTP Digest supports digests of data
       sent back to the client)

    5. 64k attributes may break existing implementations.  This is
       mainly an issue for an initial client request that includes
       a long text attribute, which could potentially crash a server
       if it doesn't support the longer attribute (most should
       reject the request with a client-error-bad-request status,
       but there is the potential for problems since the IPP spec
       indicates a maximum attribute length of 1024 bytes)

Michael Sweet, Easy Software Products                  mike at easysw.com
Printing Software for UNIX                       http://www.easysw.com

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