IPP> Question concerning job-hold-until

IPP> Question concerning job-hold-until

IPP> Question concerning job-hold-until

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Wed Jun 28 11:41:17 EDT 2000

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> Hello, all!
> I have a quick implementation question concerning the job-hold-until
> attribute, which doesn't seem to be addressed in the final model
> document for IPP/1.1.
> Without going into too much detail, we have a customer that wants
> to know if the job-hold-until attribute should always be returned
> by a get-jobs or get-job-attributes request, or if it should only
> be returned if the job-hold-until attribute was specified for the
> job (at job creation or later with a hold-job request)

As a general rule, you should always return all applicable attributes, even
though some may contain 'unknown' or 'no-value' values.  Otherwise it's
difficult for the client to determine which attributes you support.

> If the latter, what happens when the hold condition expires (e.g.
> the job starts printing)?  Do we change the value to "no-hold"?

I wouldn't change it.

> Similarly, if we always should send job-hold-until, do we send a
> value of "no-hold" or an "unknown" value tag?

The ?no-value? value is used for a supported attribute to which no value
has been assigned.

> Thanks!

You're welcome.


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