IPP> RE: Notification Spec feedback

IPP> RE: Notification Spec feedback

IPP> RE: Notification Spec feedback

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Sat Jul 1 19:39:42 EDT 2000


Thanks for your detailed comments.  We went through them and we believe that
the new version (6/30/00) addresses all of your points.

One of your suggestions was that Subscribing Clients be able to request
non-persistent Per-Job Subscriptions (as well as Per-Printer Subscriptions).
One of the issues listed is whether this is necessary.  The 6/30 version has
the "notify-persistence" (boolean) as a Subscription Template attribute so
that a client can supply it on any Subscription Creation operation whether
creating Per-Job or Per-Printer subscriptions.

It would help resolve this issue if you could give a use case when a
Subscribing Client would want to do such a thing?  Is it when a server is
piggy backing notification onto a job that it received from a client and
submits to a Printer?

Tom and Bob

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I finally got a chance to review the latest version of the IPP Notification
Spec.  Here are my comments.


<file: not-feedback.pdf>

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