IPP> DRV: 6/26 Update [files down loaded]

IPP> DRV: 6/26 Update [files down loaded]

IPP> DRV: 6/26 Update [files down loaded]

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Sat Jul 1 19:48:44 EDT 2000


I just posted these two files in:


I urge you (and anyone else who uses Windows or NT) to get the FTP Explorer
program.  Its freeware available at:


After a 30-day free trial, it only costs 30 bucks.  Its well worth the cost.
It will let you get or put multiple files with a single drag and drop
to/from any FTP site, automatically changing the mode from ASCII to binary
based on the file type.  It also caches sites by directory.

It also lets you sort files by name, date, type, etc. just like Windows


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Subject: IPP> DRV: 6/26 Update

This version of the document incorporates many of the suggestions I received
from Michael Sweet and Ira McDonald.

The following summarizes the significant changes made in this version of the

1.  Limited each value of the "client-print-support-files-supported"
attribute to contain a single uri.  This removes the requirement for "long"
strings to hold these values.  If there are multiple uri's where to download
a given set of client print support files, each is listed in a separate

2.  Removed the need for the "long-text" syntax.  Since the contents of each
value string are either a uri or a human-readable representation of a
keyword, internationalization issues never apply to these strings, so its
syntax was changed to octetString(MAX).  

3.  The legal values for "os-type" are the operating system names registered
with IANA.

4.  Added "uri-scheme" to the definition of
"client-print-support-files-request" to allow clients to narrow-down queries
based on the uri-scheme of the uri from where the files can be downloaded.


a)  What operation ID can we assign the get-client-print-support-files
b)  Can Digest Authentication provide enough client-side authentication to
justify mandating it instead of TLS?

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