IPP> IPP test tool updated.

IPP> IPP test tool updated.

IPP> IPP test tool updated.

Yuji Sasaki sasaki at jci.co.jp
Thu Jul 6 19:35:04 EDT 2000

Ooops. The attribute definision files included in the
previous file was not up-to-date. I also forgot that the
LZH compression format(it is Japanese de-facto-standard)
is not familiar in the U.S. Here's the new version.


>Would you like this added to the ipp-products page?

Well...but it is just a debugging tool, definately *NOT* a
commercial product. It may contain bugs, perehaps some of
bugs are fatal to cause a system crash, but our company
and I do *NOT* have any kind of responsibility for that.
(i.e. Use it on your own risk).

If you can agree that restrictions, it is welcome to put it
to the ipp product page.

Yuji Sasaki
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