IPP> NOT - The 'indp' Delivery Method Document is uploaded

IPP> NOT - The 'indp' Delivery Method Document is uploaded

IPP> NOT - The 'indp' Delivery Method Document is uploaded

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Thu Jul 6 20:17:28 EDT 2000

I've down loaded the updated 'indp' Delivery Method Document:


It is aligned with the [ipp-ntfy] Notification Document of 6/30/00.

The Abstract is:

The IPP Event Notification specification [ipp-ntfy] is an OPTIONAL extension
to IPP/1.0, IPP/1.1, and future versions.  [ipp-ntfy] requires the
definition of one or more Delivery Methods in separate Delivery Method
Documents for the Printer to dispatch Event Notifications to Notification
Recipients. This Delivery Method Document defines the semantics and syntax
of the 'indp' Notification Delivery Method.  For this Delivery Method, an
IPP Printer sends (pushes) an IPP Event Notifications request to the
Notification Recipients using the Send-Notifications operation defined in
this document.  The Notification Recipient returns a response to the
Printer.  The Send-Notifications operation uses the same Encoding and
Transport as IPP itself.

There are four issues:

ISSUE 01:  Is this what the Access Rights section should say for a
Send-Notifications request?

ISSUE 02:  What version number goes here (in Send-Notifications)?

ISSUE 03:  Ok that "requesting-user-name" SHOULD NOT be sent by the Printer
in Send-Notifications to the Notification Recipient?

ISSUE 04: Ok that "notify-text" has been changed from MAY to MUST?

Hugo did not have a chance to review this version as he was out of the
office today.  Please send any comments to the DL.


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