IPP> NOT - Updated 'ipp-get' Delivery Method Document down loaded

IPP> NOT - Updated 'ipp-get' Delivery Method Document down loaded

IPP> NOT - Updated 'ipp-get' Delivery Method Document down loaded

Hastings, Tom N hastings at cp10.es.xerox.com
Fri Jul 7 00:01:30 EDT 2000

Bob has finished updating the 'ipp-get' Delivery Method Document to align
with the [ipp-ntfy] 6/30/00 Event Notification Specification.  I've down
loaded it to:


Here is the Abstract:

The notification extension document [ipp-ntfy] defines operations that a
client can perform in order to create Subscription Objects in a Printer and
carry out other operations on them. A Subscription Object represents a
Subscription abstraction. The Subscription Object specifies that when one of
the specified Events occurs, the Printer sends an asynchronous Event
Notification to the specified Notification Recipient via the specified
Delivery Method (i.e., protocol). 
The notification extension document [ipp-ntfy] specifies that each Delivery
Method is defined in another document. This document is one such document,
and it specifies the 'ipp-get' delivery method.
The 'ipp-get' Delivery Method is a 'pull' Delivery Method. That is, the
Printer saves Event Notification for a period of time and expects the
Notification Recipient to fetch the Event Notifications.
When a Printer supports this Delivery Method, it holds each Event
Notification for an amount of time, called the Event Notification Lease
When a Notification Recipient wants to receive Event Notifications, it
performs an IPP operation called 'Get-Notifications', which this document
defines. This operation causes the Printer to return all Event Notifications
held for the Notification Recipient along with information that tells the
client when to perform this operation again. 

There are no issues.

Send any comments to the mailing list.

Tom and Bob

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