SM> Santa Fe PWG Semantic Model meeting minutes

SM> Santa Fe PWG Semantic Model meeting minutes

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I like the new group names much better.

I think UPDF has an xsd for media names.  Can we use it?


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The official meeting minutes from Santa Fe have been posted to the PWG
The URL is
"".  I've
included a text version below.

Peter Zehler
Xerox Architecture Center
Email: PZehler at
Voice:    (716) 265-8755
FAX:      (716) 265-8871
US Mail: Peter Zehler
        Xerox Corp.
        800 Phillips Rd.
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        Webster NY, 14580-9701

Printer Working Group
Semantic Model Work Group
Meeting Minutes
August 26, 2002
Santa Fe, NM

1. Working Group formation items
           a) The mailing list is active (sm at
           b) The web site will be updated to include the working
                     group and mail archives (Gail Songer & Pete Zehler
                     to work offline)
           c) The Chair, Scribe and Editor for the working group is
                     Peter Zehler
           d) A weekly phone conference will be set.  The time is TBD.
                     Input has been requested from the participants on the
                     mail list
           e) The schedule was discussed briefly
                     i) A proposed final PWG Semantic document is targeted
                               for the next PWG meeting
                     ii) The Last call version of the document will be
                               ready for the January meeting
                     iii) The process for updating the Semantic Model will
                               be in first draft form for the next PWG
                     iv) A proposed final update process will be ready for
                               the January meeting.

2. Semantic Model Document review
                     (Pete Zehler to make updates)
           a) Add definition of type 1, 2 and 3 keywords and include
                     reference to rfc1759
           b) Remove the "xxx" from supported, ready and default
           c) Grouping of processing attributes needs review (Pete
                     Zehler to initiate on mailing list and phone
           d) "JobLevel" Processing attributes to be removed from
                     processing group (See naming below)
           e) Status Codes should be Status strings and include
                     references like the attributes
                     i)If possible list actions that may return the Status
           f) Will Notifications be addressed in the Semantic Model?
                     (This will be resolved on the mailing list and phone

3. Naming of attribute groups

   Printer State Attributes
   Printer Description Attributes
   Processing Defaults
   Processing Supported
   Processing Ready

   Job State Attributes
   Job Description Attributes
   Job Processing Attributes
   Default Document Processing Attributes

   Document State Attributes
   Document Description Attributes
   Document Processing Attributes

(NOTE: For the IPP literate state and description attributes
           correspond the IPP Job/Printer description attributes.
           Processing attributes correspond to job template
           attributes.  See the updated (v0.08) PWG Semantic Model for

UPDATE: For clarity the Job's "Default Document Processing
           Attributes" was renamed to "Document Processing
           Attributes". They are exactly the same as the "Document
           Processing Attributes" of the Document.

4. Example Schema file review
           a) The sub-groups of the processing attributes should be
                     broken out to their own xsd files
           b)Should the media names be added to the xsd file?  (No
                     plans at this time.  It will be discussed on the
                     mail list and phone conference)
                     i)   Current size of pwgattr.xsd is 43KB.
                     ii)  The size of the all the xsd files is 67KB.
                     iii) Should there be a proper media object in the
                               schema with its own xsd file?
The schema will be updated to reflect the changes in the Semantic

5.  Participants
Bergman, Ronal         Hitachi Koki Imaging Solutions
Berkema, Alan          Hewlett Packard
Bigelow, Jim           Hewlett-Packard
Bradshaw, Elliott      Oak Technology
Farrell, Lee           Canon
Hall, David            Hewlett-Packard
Lewis, Harry           IBM
Nagasaka, Fumio        Epson
Songer,Gail            Peerless
Taylor, Bob            Hewlett-Packard
Thrasher, Jerry        Lexmark
Tronson, Ted           Novell, Inc.
Ueda, Shiger           Canon
Wagner, William        NetSilicon
Wright, Don            Lexmark
Yang, Yiruo            Epson
Zehler, Pete           Xerox

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