SM> PWG Semantic Model Weekly Phone Conference

SM> PWG Semantic Model Weekly Phone Conference

Zehler, Peter PZehler at
Wed Sep 4 10:53:00 EDT 2002


The Semantic Model weekly phone conferences will be held on Thursdays at 1pm
eastern DST (GMT -4hrs).  The first phone conference will be on Thursday
September 12.  Below is the dial in information.  I am hoping someone from
HP will host the webex portion of the meeting.  Could someone from HP
contact me to work out the logistics?  I should have the Semantic Model
document updated and sent out this week.  I will send out an agenda for the
meeting early next week.  Please send me a ping if you plan to attend.  I
need to make sure I have enough lines reserved.


Dial in information:
Phone: (877) 776-6306
PASSCODE: 437874#

				Peter Zehler
				Xerox Architecture Center
				Email: PZehler at
				Voice:    (716) 265-8755
				FAX:      (716) 265-8871 
				US Mail: Peter Zehler
				        Xerox Corp.
				        800 Phillips Rd.
				        M/S 128-30E
				        Webster NY, 14580-9701

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