SM> FW: IPP> First draft IPP standard for Color and Imaging Attribute s available

SM> FW: IPP> First draft IPP standard for Color and Imaging Attribute s available

Hastings, Tom N hastings at
Mon Oct 21 18:26:32 EDT 2002

At some point, these color and imaging attributes should be considered for
adding to the PWG Semantic Model.  So it would be good for the SM folks to
participate in review of them.  

Also since the IPP WG doesn't meet face to face at the PWG meetings, the
Semantics Model WG may pick up the slack.  That is the strategy with the IPP
"-actual" proposal.  

On the other hand, if the Semantic Model WG doesn't want to review the Color
and Imaging Attributes specification, we could hold a teleconference to
review the IPP extensions.

Please indicate your preferences for reviewing this Color and Imaging
Attributes specification.


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Subject: IPP> First draft IPP standard for Color and Imaging Attributes
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I've down loaded a first draft for an IEEE-ISTO IPP Color and Imaging
Attributes standard to the PWG FTP site.  Most of the attributes control
color and imaging that is prevalent in the industry following industry
standards.  The files are available at:

There are several groups working on color and imaging attributes.  The CIP4
JDF specification already has most of these attributes.  This specification
gives a simpler subset of those color and imaging attribute for use in IPP,
the PWG Semantic Model, the Free Software Group (FSG) Job Ticket API, PODi
Job Ticketing Prioritization project (a subset of JDF Job Ticket suitable
for "High Value Digital Print Systems"), and CIP4's Digital Printing WG
effort for a Conformance Subset of JDF.

Here is the Abstract:

Abstract: This document specifies an extension to the Internet Printing
Protocol/1.0 (IPP) [RFC2565, RFC2566] and IPP/1.1 [RFC2910, RFC2911].  This
extension contains color and imaging attributes defined for submitting print
jobs primarily to (but not limited to) production printers.  The color Job
Template attributes permit a user to control and/or override instructions in
the document content to perform the following:  control black overprinting,
adjust color cast, lightness, saturation and contrast, specify source and
destination color space translations, emulate the color output of other
printers, control color image trapping, color rendering intent for text,
graphics, or images, color depth, highlight color, and User defined Tone
Reproduction Curves (TRCs).  The imaging Job Template attributes control
bleed edge printing, image aliasing, color effects mapping, page rotation,
reference (large) images and control their fetching and cleanup, and control
halftone screens.  There is also a Printer Description attribute to indicate
the colorants which are currently in use by the Printer.

I've attempted to faithfully copy the format that Ron Bergman used for the
PWG Media Name Standard, IEEE-ISTO 5101.1.  I've also produced an MS-WORD
template that follows the IEEE-ISTO format with guidelines to what goes in
each section.  I'll post this template in the next day or so.  I've taken
the liberty of numbering this document IEEE-ISTO 5100.8, as that is the next
available number in the PWG IPP series and the level of interest in color
and imaging attributes is high given the number of groups working on it.

Please send comments to the IPP DL: ipp at


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