SM> RE: CreateJob REQUIRED now

SM> RE: CreateJob REQUIRED now

Hastings, Tom N hastings at
Thu Dec 5 14:59:28 EST 2002


Good catch!  Yes, the Document Object spec has to REQUIRE the Printer to
support the Create-Job operation, even though Create-Job is OPTIONAL in
[RFC2911] for a Printer to support.

I'll add this requirement to section 11.1 and to section 4.3.


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The Document Object only makes sense if the Printer that implements it also
supports the CreateJob operation.  However, CreateJob is optional in
RFC2911.  So, does the Document Object spec need to make it clear that a
compliant implementation MUST implement CreateJob?  Of course, it seems
obvious, but I guess I was surprised not to see any mention of this at all
in the spec.


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