SM> ACT - IPP "-actual" attributes latest spec, version 0.2

SM> ACT - IPP "-actual" attributes latest spec, version 0.2

Dennis Carney dcarney at
Thu Dec 5 19:30:07 EST 2002

I have copied version 0.2 of the IPP "-actual" attributes spec to the PWG
ftp site:

This version includes the decisions made on the telecon and at the New
Orleans meeting.

The spec is 16 pages long, of which 6 1/2 pages contain the "meat" of the

This version will be used as the basis for the discussion that is planned
to occur at next week's Semantic Model teleconference (December 12, 2002).

It was agreed that all discussion of this spec will occur on the Semantic
Model mailing list.  However, I copied this announcement to the IPP mailing
list so the existence of the spec was known.

The abstract:
This document defines an extension to the Internet Printing Protocol/1.0
(IPP/1.0) [RFC2566, RFC2565] & IPP/1.1 [RFC2911, RFC2910] for the OPTIONAL
"-actual" set of Job Description attributes that correspond to Job Template
attributes defined in IPP.  These "-actual" attributes allow the client to
determine the true results of a print job regardless of what was specified
in the Create-Job or Print-Job operation.

Dennis Carney
IBM Printing Systems

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