SM> Current Schema issues

SM> Current Schema issues

Zehler, Peter PZehler at
Mon Aug 11 11:42:34 EDT 2003


Here are the issues I am currently aware of regarding v0.95 of the PWG
Schema.  If you have any comments on one of these issues please cut and
paste the issue into a new mail note with a subject line of "Schema Issue #"
where # is the number of the issue from the list below

1)	ProcessingActual.xsd has a duplicate definition of OutputBinActual
in JobProcessingActual - I pulled it out and it was fine in sqc 
				<PZ>Duplicate was supposed to be
"OutputDeciceActual".  Fixed in all sub-schemas.</PZ>
2)	the PWG SM schemas liberally use <xs:any namespace="##any"/>.  The
sqc apparently dislikes using ##any for the namepace wildcard if the xs:any
is in a sequence with any other elements.  If I switch this to <xs:any
namespace="##other"/>, the problem goes away.  I couldn't find any
documentation on why this is a problem, but the sqc doesn't like it.
Interestingly, it looks like you can add !both! <xs:any
namespace="##other"/> and <xs:any namespace="##local"/> and it works fine -
which in theory is the equivalent of <xs:any namespace="##any"/>.  I did
find this pattern in a sample online, but I haven't yet found any
description on why <xs:any namespace="##any"/> is a real problem.  It does,
however, fail the sqc, and we think it may be what is causing some of the MS
tools to give up on the SM schemas as well
				<PZ>Actually the replacement for <xs:any
namespace="##any"/> would be <xs:any
namespace=""/> and <xs:any
namespace="##other"/>.  We do NOT want locally defined elements.  All
extensions MUST be fully qualified with the namespace to federate extensions
to the schema.  In all examples I have seen from the W3C they use '##any"
for this type of extensibility.  I still have not reinstalled all  my XML
tools yet or have not had time to try them on this issue.  It seems to me
that '##any' is exactly what we mean.</PZ>
3)	The PWG copyright on the schemas still says 2002.  I'm assuming we
need to roll this to 2003. 
				<PZ>Added ", 2003" to copyright notices</PZ>
4)	"JobPriority" need minimum value of '1' and maximum value of '100'. 
				<PZ>Added to "JobPriority" and
5)	The "MediaSizeSelfDescribingNameWKV" element has an enumberation
'om_large-photo_200x300' that should be 'om_large-photo_200x300mm'. 
6)	"DocumentFormatWKV" needs 'application/vnd.pwg-xhtml-print+xml' and
image MIME types 
'application/vnd.pwg-xhtml-print+xml', image/g3fax', 'image/jpeg',
'imag/tiff'and 'image/tiff-fx'.</PZ>
7)	"DocumentFormat" does not allow certain extension values. 
				<PZ>The "MimeExtentionPattern" SimpleType is
not correct.  As a quick fix I changed it to have a value of
'(\i|\d|\.)*&#x002F;(\i|\d|\.\p{P})*'.  I have not tested it yet.  Anyone
with time to create a proper pattern describing MIME would be
8)	"PrinterStateReasons" should include the values 'AttentionRequired'
and 'MarkerFailure'.
				<PZ>Added them</PZ>
9)	"DocumentFormat" need the value 'unknown'. 
				<PZ>Added it</PZ>
10)	"JobAccountingId" should be "JobAccountingID".

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