SM> FW: Sematic model and Media question

SM> FW: Sematic model and Media question

Zehler, Peter PZehler at
Wed Sep 17 09:13:34 EDT 2003

Below is a Schema issue raised by Geoff Soord and my response.

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 > -----Original Message-----
 > From: Geoff Soord [mailto:geoff_soord at]
 > Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 12:25 PM
 > To: Zehler, Peter
 > Subject: Sematic model and Media question
 > Peter,
 > I have a few questions about the semantic model - please see the
 > attached bitmap.
 > My understanding is for an insertSheet can contain 0 or more Isheets. An
 > ISheet can optional contain "Media" or "MediaCol".
 > My first question is: From DocumentProcessing, should Media and MediaCol
 > be mutually exclusive as is the case for Isheet?
 <PZ>Yes they should</PZ>
  Is this a mistake in
 > the schema or I am missing the point somewhere along the way?
 <PZ>Just one of the mistakes lurking in the schema</PZ>
 > Second question: If I wanted to know the media size for an inserted
 > sheet where should I look to find the information? Media or
 > MediaCol\MediaSize or MediaCol\MediaKey or MediaCol\MediaSizeName or do
 > a search of all of the above?
 <PZ>It depends on how the client intends to specify the inserted sheet.
 The standard way to specify inserted sheets, or desired media, is "Media".
 The well known values for media are taken from PWG51001.1 and have well
 defined sizes.  There are also standard ways to define custom sizes.
 "MediaCol" is used on higher end Printers. So you may use "MediaCol" to
 specify media on high end machines to precisely define the intent for you
 media selection. The "MediaCol" element contains "MediaSize" that is a
 numerical width and height dimension pair.
 Determining the available sizes for inserted sheets depends on how the
 client intends to specify the "InsertSheet".  You could use the element
 Supported" that contains a sequence of available "Media".  Alternatively
 you could use the
 ColSupported.MediaSizeSupported" that contains a sequence of available
 As for what you would query to determine the available sizes that would
 depend on the protocol mapping.  PSI uses the elements above.  IPP does
 not distinguish "JobProcessing" From "DocumentProcessing" and uses "job-
 template".  You would use "GetPrinterAttributes" to request "insert-sheet-" or "insert-sheet-".  A protocol like UPnP
 does things quite differently and you would need to pull down the SCPD
 file and parse the SST to find the "MediaSize" element that contains an
 "allowedValueList" of "allowedValues".  UPnP's "MediaSize" maps directly
 to the Semantic Model's "MediaCol.MediaSizeName"</PZ>
 > Last question: has the PWG got any working examples or well formed XML
 > documents? It maybe is would be useful to try working with some real
 > world example.
 <PZ>I generate them to help me check the Schema.  Perhaps we can post some
 to help with the Last Call of the Schema</PZ>
 > Thanks for you time in reading this.
 > Regards,
 > Geoff

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