SM> Semantic Model Teleconference

SM> Semantic Model Teleconference

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Wed Sep 17 10:46:24 EDT 2003


I have no plans for a Semantic Model Teleconference until October 2nd.
There are currently 3 IPP/SM specifications out for Last Call.  Those
specifications are for JobX, Overrides, and the Document Object.  Please
send any comment you have on them to the IPP mailing list.  I would like to
have a list of issues before the start of the upcoming NYC meeting.

The SM Web page update is almost complete.  I will announce when the new
page goes live.  Please raise any issues you have with the Semantic Mode on
the Semantic Model mail list.  The latest update brings the
MasterListOfSemanticElements.xsd up to date, makes the copyright date format
consistent in all the files, and corrects some spelling and sorting errors.
A running list of changes is maintained at
<>  .  The only
outstanding Semantic Model/Schema issues I am aware of are:
1)	The use of #any for element extensions
2)	Fixing the patterns for keyword/name/mime extensions
3)	 The recent submission from Geoff Soord regarding "Media" and
"MediaCol" being mutually exclusive.
	(Comments on the SM mail list welcome)

The SM teleconference on October 2nd will be the prep meeting for the face
to face.  If anyone has need of a meeting before that please let me know and
I can schedule one.  I will send out the phone/webex information and
proposed agenda the week before the October 2nd teleconference.


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