IFX Mail Archive: Charter Status ... etc.

IFX Mail Archive: Charter Status ... etc.

Charter Status ... etc.

Richard Shockey (rshockey@ix.netcom.com)
Thu, 28 Jan 1999 12:26:48 -0600

Its been rather quiet here recently so I' thought I'd take a moment to
inform the list on some current activity in this area.

I'm waiting for our Area Directors and the IESG to inform us on the status
of the charter.

I'm sure part of the problem is the staggering work load in the APP area
and the desire to keep the number of WG's to a manageable level.

Its my hope that our limited scope and the lack of a need to create new
protocols will allow the work to proceed without too many objections from
the IESG.

The IPP WG is moving forward, with all deliberate speed, to bring forward
IPP 1.1 which is designed to be Standards Track and not Informational.

IPP 1.1 will incorporate references to TLS security and will define the IPP
Scheme and IPP Port that were unavailable in IPP 1.0.

Once we have some notion of the status of the charter I'll have a first
pass on a "Goals and Requirements for use of the Internet Print Protocol as
a Facsimile Service" ready for discussion on the list and at IETF
Minneapolis in March.

In addition, we should discuss if-how-when we should coordinate our work
with ITU-T Study Group 8. IPP 1.1 will be very important here since the
ITU cannot reference Informational IETF documents...they must be standards

It is my strong belief that we should build upon the work of the FAX WG in
coordinating activity with SG8. This IETF-ITU cooperation is in the best
interests of all concerned.

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