IFX Mail Archive: Fwd: Re: Question on FaxConnect Results..

IFX Mail Archive: Fwd: Re: Question on FaxConnect Results..

Fwd: Re: Question on FaxConnect Results..

Richard Shockey (rshockey@ix.netcom.com)
Fri, 05 Feb 1999 09:12:59 -0600

More views on the cover page issues for us to consider for those of you
that do not recieve the fax list

FYI.... In the absence of charter status I'm going to go ahead and post to
this list very shortly a first pass at a "Goals and Requirements" document

I'd like to get some feed back and comments here before I resubmit it to
the ID Editors as a personal ID.


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>To: Lloyd.McIntyre@pahv.xerox.com
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>Subject: Re: Question on FaxConnect Results..
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>>From the piont of IFAX device manufacturer, generating page header or cover
>page by Sender is better solution than generating by Receiver.
>(1)Easy header generate by Sender
> Sender will have its own font to generate image header such as kanji-
> Address information may be more than US-ASCII.
> G3FAX system can be used as IFAX for generating header requested by the
>United States law.
>(2)Symple print out by Receiver
> Charactor font is not required.
>I know that IFAX PC soft developer may have other preference because of
>different archtecture from IFAX device.
>This function may be an implementation issue.
>But I believe we should write RFC for generating header,
>before United States law will request to send header or cover page in IFAX
>preventing junk IFAX.
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><< Subj: RE: Question on FaxConnect Results..
> Date: 99/02/05 10:57:49 JST
> From: Lloyd.McIntyre@pahv.xerox.com (McIntyre, Lloyd)
> To: u18209@AOL.com
> Please remember that either page headers (i.e. included in the message body)
> or a cover page satisfies the FCC requirement for fax.
> I personally would prefer to not add headers to the message pages.
> I suspect that cover pages may be easily generated at the IFax receiver
> based on the mail header information. I do not know whether a cover page
> generated at the receiver will have as much credibility as one generated by
> the sender and included with the message.
> Bottom line, I would recommend a cover page that was generated at the sender
> and included as a part of the message.

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