IFX Mail Archive: Re: Charter Bashing II

IFX Mail Archive: Re: Charter Bashing II

Re: Charter Bashing II

Nick Webb (nwebb@auco.com)
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 08:37:08 -0700

>>The transmission and reception of non-alterable documents is an
>essential >communications medium.
>How crucial is this idea of "non-alterable"? Should this even be an
>issue, let alone a charter constraint?

IMHO for this to be used in the same way as f*x, this is a requirement. You
can't send a contract to a client only to have the client change the
contract on you.

>>7. Inability to establish security and confidentiality of document
>"security" is such a vague term: I would suggest "authenticity and
>confidentiality". Or did you have something else in mind?

I agree, authenticity is less vague.

>>E. Capabilities exchange between sender and recipient
>I suggest: "Document format selection based on confirmed capabilities of
>sender and/or receiver". ("capability exchange" sounds more like a
>solution than a goal.)

Not sure this fits in the goals section, but I think we should ensure we
have a lowest common denominator set of capabilities to ensure that any
sender and recever pair can successfully exchange a document and have the
receiver render it faithfully. This is one area where f*xes win over simple
remote printing scenarios.
Nick Webb