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IFX Mail Archive: (no subject)

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Michael Crawford (mcrawford@iready.com)
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 09:29:58 -0800

So where is a Word Doc going to get converted to something a fax can print?

The reason TIFF is used on T.37 is that it puts a wrapper around the native
formats...G3, G4,
or one of the color types supported on color fax. No conversion takes

But by adding requirements to allow word documents, you force the fax
machine or some
hereto unknown mechanism in the IPP2IFAX (sorry for using the old name, but
perhaps we are
forgetting the original purpose?) code to do conversion somewhere before the
document gets
to the output device.

Not that I wouldn't want a fax machine to be able to print out word
documents...it is just that we
cannot expect fax machines to do the conversions...maybe text to G3, but
even that is a pretty
tough requirement.

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> GK wrote
> >I would not want to think that QUALDUCS was limited to raster imaging,
> >other than as a baseline. For example, given the right framework for
> >quality document transfer I can imagine many people wanting to send PDF
> >files. So I don't think TIFF profiles are enough.
> I agree, loads of people out there already exchange MS Word documents as
> email attachments
> Geoff
> PS Trust that was meant to be QUALDOCS & NOT QUALDUCKS ;-)