IFX Mail Archive: RE: Questions to be addressed...

IFX Mail Archive: RE: Questions to be addressed...

RE: Questions to be addressed...

Richard Shockey (rshockey@ix.netcom.com)
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 12:37:20 -0600

>> Right, and many lawyers I've dealt with (here in CA) are happy to fax me
>> something but rarely agree to email me anything important. It's part of
>> that unmodifiable requirement Richard mentioned earlier.
> *** I see your point on "unmodifiable". I guess I need to bone up
>on VCARD and see how this applies...I thought VCARD only authenticated my
>not the content of my message...

vCard RFC2425 and RFC2426 are not "digital signatures" they are a
identity exchange format that is very popular in the email world to
exchange "human friendly" address data such as phone, fax, street address,
company, title etc.

Digital signatures require trusted authorities to issue the proper
certificates etc, verifying the content of the message usually involves
some checksum calculation against the Content Object that is presented to
the recipient by the sender.

As for the class of transactions here.. how about this for a first line of
the charter.

"The transmission and reception of documents rendered in their final form
is an essential global communications service."

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