IFX Mail Archive: RE: Word docs

IFX Mail Archive: RE: Word docs

RE: Word docs

Michael Crawford (mcrawford@iready.com)
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 15:51:43 -0800

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Oh. Thanks, I missed out on the underlying assumption.

I agree store and forward is a valid fallback for IPP and really
have no problem with that.

Can we make sure we document this assumption somewhere in OUR
documentation (this discussion group's work...i.e. the charter we are
working on?). Something like "...devices with full time connection to the
Internet". That will help others figure out that this is not the right IPP
subset to be used for their devices.

> > c. Do we want to instead require an IPP enabled Internet fax be
> online
> >at all times (thereby being called a fulltime fax) or are there other
> solutions
> This is a underlying assumtion I'm suprised you havent picked up. For the
> IPP server to recieve the transaction it must be connected to the
> Internet.
> If you are someone who is usually disconnected from the internet then SMTP
> is more appropriate.
> That said it is possible to gateway from IPP to either SMTP or the GSTN
> ..but we that is the second phase of work.
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