IFX Mail Archive: RE: Word docs

IFX Mail Archive: RE: Word docs

RE: Word docs

Richard Shockey (rshockey@ix.netcom.com)
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 17:41:45 -0600

>So far this is why fax is so popular...look how simple! Why change this.

Because you cant send color or high quality black & white or you are sick
of paying long distance charges etc etc etc.

>10. Our friend's machine receives and prints accordingly. When done we
>disconnect from the phone line at both ends.
>Now an Internet fax should act as much as similar as possible...except that
>instead of phone numbers we either use an IP address, or better yet a
standard hostname (that DNS can resolve). The connection between two
machines could ideally work the same...i.e.

This is the Internet not the GSTN.

>1. Internet fax at person A dials into ISP. Gets hooked up and "online".
>2. Internet fax A sends request for capabilities to internet fax B
>3. Internet fax B is NOT online. Ooops. Now what

Retry.. sometimes you cannot get to a web page or fall back to RFC 2305
store and forward.

>4. Or Internet B is online (we happen to catch it while it is dialed up),
>so Internet fax B responds with G3 or G4 then waits

We're not going here..this totally out of scope. You are taking a much too
fax centric view of the world here.

>5. Internet fax A now sends first page in TIFF wrapped G3 and waits for
>response or continues to send until the job is complete (I am not sure yet
how this
>part works under IPP)

Listen for the response to the HTTP POST or poll for job status.

>You should see the key issue is the receiving fax machine (or any other
>Internet device ) that is not full time on the network.

That is why there is a Store and Forward standard using SMTP.

> a. What do we do if Internet device B is not online at the time Internet
>device A "calls".

Thats life .. sometimes the lines get busy in the GSTN too. Or as a
recipient you have contracted with an ISP for IPP gateway services of some

> c. Do we want to instead require an IPP enabled Internet fax be online
>at all times (thereby being called a fulltime fax) or are there other

This is a underlying assumtion I'm suprised you havent picked up. For the
IPP server to recieve the transaction it must be connected to the Internet.

If you are someone who is usually disconnected from the internet then SMTP
is more appropriate.

That said it is possible to gateway from IPP to either SMTP or the GSTN
..but we that is the second phase of work.

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